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            A Caring Culture

                 msyz555手机版注重人文关怀,关心丰富员工生活,帮助                            China Construction attaches much importance to its caring
                                                               culture and is concerned about and strives to enrich the lives
                                                               of employees, helping them in times of need and showing
            秉持“以人为本”的理念对员工实施多元化管理,敬重当                          the company’s compassion. The company has a “people first”
            地员工的风俗习惯。                                          approach that encourages management diversity, fully respecting
                                                               local customs and staff practices.
            丰富生活                                               Balanced and full life
                 企业积极倡导“健康生活、快乐工作”的理念,推                            The Company supports the concept of “healthy lifestyle
                                                               means happy at work”, while promoting a strong corporate culture,
                                                               strengthening employees’ sense of belonging, enriching their
            生活,满足员工多层次的需求。                                     cultural lives outside work and meeting the varied ne
                 举办以“魅力体育、活力中建”为主题的首届职工                            China Construction held its first sports programme for
                                                               employees on the theme “attractive physical exercise for an active
            运动会。各级工会组织成立职工兴趣协会或爱好小组167                         China Construction”. Employees from all tiers formed 167 clubs
            个,开展各类文体活动如球类、登山、休闲等3,786次。                        or interest groups that set up a total of 3,786 recreational events
                                                               from ball games to mountaineering.
                                                                   Showing  its  care  for  retired  staff,  the  company  has
            过集体生日、“看京郊美景”游览、赴沪观世博等活动,                          established free health check-up programmes, group birthday
            与他们共享企业发展成果。                                       celebrations, scenic tours of rural Beijing, trips  to Shanghai Expo
                                                               and other programmes to share the Company’s bounty with them.

            慰问员工                                               Support for employees
                 企业建立定期慰问制度。2010年元旦、春节期间,                          The Company has established a system of regular support
                                                               under which, during the 2010 New Year holiday and Spring
                                                               Festival, management visited elderly retired executives, model
            几十个企业项目团队进行新春节日走访,发放慰问资金                           labourers and staff and dozens of project teams. The Company

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