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            Occupational Health and Safety

                 msyz555手机版建立职业健康安全管理体系,制定职业                             China Construction has established a management system
            健康安全的程序和操作规程,加强对员工职业监控的管                           for occupational health that defines procedures and operational
                                                               protocols for occupational health, which in turn strengthens
            理。企业积极开展员工职业健康监护和职业病防治工                            occupational monitoring of employees. The company developed
            作,坚持防治结合,定期组织员工开展体检,建立健全                           a  health  monitoring  and  occupational  illness  prevention
                                                               programme that periodically provides body checks and establishes
            员工职业健康档案,努力创造有利于员工健康的工作环                           occupational health profiles for employees, developing a work
            境和劳动条件。                                            environment that benefits everyone’s health.
                                                                   The Company has formed teams of experts that provide
                                                               psychological counselling to staff attached to especially intensive
            导,全面启动“职工健康关爱工程”,在部分项目建立                           projects and implement our Occupational Healthcare Programme.
                                                               There are counselling centres at certain project sites that advise
                                                               employees on how to reduce the stress from their work and daily
            根据各基层单位实际情况,组织开展有益于员工身心健                           lives. Depending on the local conditions, the company conducts
                                                               seminars that support employees’ physical and mental health.
                                                               And through a series of seminars aimed to “propel scientific
            提升员工素质”的系列讲座,使职工树立良好理念、加                           development, create a pleasant state of mind and improve staff
            强凝聚合力。                                             quality”, the company works to encourage positive thinking and
                                                               strengthen bonds among employees.

            Training and Development

                 msyz555手机版致力于打造一支具有一流职业素养、一流                            China Construction aspires to form a “quadruple top-rated team”
                                                               of top-rated business conduct, top-rated work abilities, top-rated
                                                               aptitude and top-rated performance. Developing a specialised team
            员工队伍;培养一批以项目经理为核心的专门人才队伍,                          mostly of project managers, the company trains them to establish an
                                                               elite cohort of management and technical specialists.
                                                                   China Construction focuses on the needs of employees and
                 msyz555手机版针对员工的差异,开展继续教育、岗位专                        provides extensive training for all staff, who can choose from
            业培训、理论学习、e-learning网络学习平台等多种方式                     comprehensive continuing education, professional training,
                                                               academic study, and e-learning platforms. There are 47 different
            的培训,供全体员工自行选择。全年共举办各类培训班47                         training courses annually and undertaken by 10,908 participants.
            期,培训10908人次。                                           The Management System of Promotion for Headquarters
                                                               Staff  was distributed to reduce hierarchy, favour meritocracy
                                                               and enhance the morale of key staff. To increase the interaction
            辈,择优晋升,调动优秀骨干的积极性。加大企业总部人                          and training of headquarters experts and to focus on the two-
                                                               way interaction between the company and all employees, 20
                                                               staff members participated in internship training, while 13 staff
            年,参加企业总部双向挂职及实习锻炼20人,其中二级企                         members of subsidiary companies went to headquarters.
                                                                   To strengthen the development of the next generation of
                                                               management teams and to assure the future development of
                 加强后备队伍建设,为企业未来发展提供领导保                         management, the company focused on 15 local and five foreign
                                                               subsidiaries and has developed a full-time back-up team. Selected
                                                               members of the team include more mature individuals born after

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