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                 msyz555手机版作为行业的排头兵,认真履行中央国有重要骨干企业的社会责任,在全球范围内积极推动可持续发展,追求                                                  About Us

                China Construction, being in the vanguard of a significant industry, always takes to heart its social role as a backbone state-owned
            enterprise. By proactively encouraging sustainable growth around the globe, fostering social harmony in the communities where our
            projects are located, and promoting harmony between the industry and society, China Construction strives to build an image as a responsible
            enterprise.                                                                                               Sustainable Operation

            Promoting Employment                                                                                     科技创新

                  “没有务工人员一砖一瓦的辛劳,没有他们不避寒                           "Without the efforts of our workers, who put everything
                                                               together brick by brick, tile by tile, without their steadfast hard
                                                               work, the many imposing buildings would not exist, and China    Technological Innovation
            的今天。关爱他们,帮助他们,带领务工兄弟一同奔小康                          Construction would not have achieved the success it today enjoys.
            是中建必须肩负的社会责任。”                                     Caring for our fellow workers, helping them, and leading them to
                                                               live relatively well-off lives are social responsibilities that China
                                                               Construction must accept."
            位,带领约80万个家庭250万人奔向小康生活。企业倾情                            China Construction provides around 800,000 positions
            关爱农民工,做到“人格上敬重、生活上关心、感情上贴                          to migrant rural workers, helping around 800,000 families or     量
                                                               2.5 million people to strive towards relatively prosperity. The
            近、思想上疏导”,与农民工共享健康权、受教育权、劳                                                                                 Quality
                                                               Company cares deeply about its workers, putting into action the
            动报酬权、荣誉权,为其上三险、购置安全物资、实行工                          slogan: “Respect them as individuals, care for their lives, build
            资实名制、开办夜校、进行技能培训。                                  close relationships with them, and give direction in their lives”.
                                                               China Construction shares the rights to healthcare, education,
                                                               remuneration for work, and credits with the workers we employ,
            以“安康杯”竞赛活动为载体,有7万名员工参加《安全生                         by buying the three forms of basic insurance for them, providing   安
            产管理手册》培训;在大项目、重点工程项目上建立职工                          safe equipment, depositing wages to their accounts, building night-    全
                                                               schools, and providing technical training.
            书屋3298个、农民工夜校3078个、放映影片784场。                                                                              Safety
                                                                   In 2010, China Construction conducted health examinations
                 企业海外业务的不断拓展,带动了大量国内承包商                        for over 160,000 workers. Through the “Safety and Health
            与劳务企业走出国门,实现了劳务企业和农民工的双赢。                          Cup” competition, around 70,000 workers participated in the
                                                               Administrative Manual of Safe Production  training. On large
                                                               construction sites and important project locations, 3,298 staff
            类农民工培训投入318万元人民币,出国培训17,148人次。                     libraries and 3,078 night-schools for workers were built. Moreover,     境 环
                 为满足企业快速发展和结构调整对人才的需要,同                        784 movie nights were held in 2010.
                                                                   The ongoing expansion of the Company’s overseas business
            时解决高校毕业生就业难的问题,2010年招收各类毕业生                                                                               Environment
                                                               led to many contractors and service providers heading abroad,
            12,245人,其中清华、同济等重点院校毕业生达到800多                      thereby achieving a win-win situation for the service industry and
            人,本科及以上学历的比例达87.8%。                                workers.  In 2010, the Overseas Department made 12,688 positions
                                                               available to workers, invested 3.18 million RMB in training for
                                                               workers, and sent 17,148 people abroad.
            案例:我要在北京娶你进门                                           To meet demand for human resources arising from rapid   员
                 中建五局建设“以信为本,以和为贵”的“信?和”                       development and restructuring, as well as to help fresh graduates     工
                                                               facing challenges in finding employment, in 2010 we recruited 12,245    Staff
                                                               fresh graduates from colleges and universities. Of these, 87.8% have
                                                               undergraduate or higher degrees, and more than 800 graduated from
                                                               renowned universities such as Tsinghua and Tongji.

                                                               Case study:  I will marry you in Beijing
                                                                   The five departments of China Construction strive to build a    Society
                                                               corporate culture of “Trust and Harmony”, putting “Trust as the

                                                                                                   2010可持续发展报告  77
                                                                                                   Sustainability Report 2010
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