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            (CANIGE)捐赠10台电脑、100个书包及100套文具和20                   20 soccer balls to a local agency, Equatorial Guinean Child Aid
                                                               Committee (CANIGE), to improve teaching conditions and study
                                                               environments in local schools.                         About Us
                                                               Case study: Integration journey 2010 - china overseas
                                                               summer camp for mainland and hong kong youth
            夏令营                                                                                                      可持续经营
                                                                   The summer activity, Integration Journey – China Overseas
                 在四川都江堰举行“共融之旅——2010(中国海                       Summer Camp for Mainland and Hong Kong Youth 2010, was
                                                               held in a “Project Hope” primary school in Dujiangyan, Sichuan. It
                                                               gave local children a chance to build mutually supportive, friendly
            筑一个互助、友爱、平等的环境,为参与者提供一次开拓                          and equitable relationships with the visiting students. For the    Sustainable Operation
            视野、启迪身心、关助他人的经历,增强正常儿童的个人                          visitors, it was an eye-opening experience that inspired them and
                                                               encouraged them to care for other people.
            自立能力和团队协作能力,提升特殊儿童自信心、自我形                              Through the camp, the independence and teamwork skills
            象及社交技巧,同时增强各希翼小学校际间的沟通互动,                          of all the children, as well as the self-confidence, self-image, and   科技创新
                                                               social skills of the children with special needs, were improved.
            丰富师生暑期生活和学校办学形式。                                   Communication between “Project Hope” primary schools was
                                                               strengthened. The summer holiday of the participating teachers
                                                               and students was greatly enriched, giving the participating schools
                                                               an excellent option for summer activities.             Technological Innovation

                                                                                                                       量   Quality

            抗灾赈灾                                                                                                       全
            Disaster Relief                                        China Construction is very involved in fundraising and    Safety

                                                               donation-collecting activities whenever calamities happen, helping
                 msyz555手机版在灾难发生后,积极捐款捐物,帮助灾区                        the victims at their times of need. Manifesting our patriotic spirit,
                                                               we volunteered for rebuilding projects after disasters. Through
                                                               our efforts to rebuild communities after various disasters, our
            建,把对灾区人民的深情厚意、对灾后重建的社会责任融                          devotion to the people and commitment to social responsibility   环
                                                               was expressed, helping the disaster victims to get back on their     境
                                                               feet and return to their normal lives.
            生活。                                                    When participating in the reconstruction of Wenchuan after    Environment
                 汶川灾后重建中,企业共建设项目46个,合同额近                       the devastating earthquake, we took on 46 construction projects
                                                               with a contract total of almost 5 billion RMB. In September 2010,
            50亿元人民币。到2010年9月,所有灾后重建学校、医                        all the rebuilding projects – such as schools, hospitals, residences,
            院、民居、农宅及安置房等项目都按照要求顺利完成。汶                          farm residences, and interim shelters – were satisfactorily
                                                               completed. One of them, the Wenchuan No. 1 Primary School,
                                                               received a State Quality Award.
                 2010年,企业向西南特大旱灾灾区、玉树地震灾                           In 2010, the company organised many fundraising campaigns     工
                                                               for areas affected by the severe drought in southwest China, the
            区、舟曲重大泥石流灾害灾区积极开展捐款活动,仅以总                                                                                 Staff
                                                               earthquake in Yushu, and the deadly mudslide in Zhougqu County,
            部名义捐款达18,512,725元人民币。                              Gansu. Donations made in the name of the Company headquarters
                                                               alone amounted to 18,512,725 RMB.
            案例  雪中送炭,情系万家                                      Case study: Timely assistance that bonds thousands of
                 8月14日汶川映秀镇发生泥石流灾害,西南办事处在                      families                                              社
                                                                   On 14 August 2010, a mudslide disaster occurred in Yingxiu town,     会
                                                               within Sichuan’s Wenchuan County. China Construction’s southwestern
            元人民币,调派四台挖掘机参与到重灾区都江堰龙池镇的                          office immediately organised a disaster relief campaign, calling    Society

                                                                                                   2010可持续发展报告  79
                                                                                                   Sustainability Report 2010
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