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主流学问,对农民工“政治上同对待、工作上同要求、素                          foundation and harmony as the priority”. China Construction “Treats
                                                               its workers with equality and standardised work requirements,
                                                               strives for improvements, and shares profits with them, and
                                                               cares for their lives”, so that they can acquire the five must-haves:
            途,有归属感。                                            protection, hope, reward, career, and sense of belonging.
                                                                   On 10 June, 2010, the CCFEB Installation Co., Ltd. held a
                                                               group wedding for nine couples in Tiananmen, Beijing, helping
                                                               the workers to fulfil their promises to their brides: “When I am
            新郎向新娘实现了“等工作不忙了,我带你去天安门,我                          less busy at work, I will bring you to Tiananmen. I will marry
                                                               you in Beijing”

            社区建设                                                   China Construction proactively participates in and supports
            Community Building                                 community activities. to realise the goal of growing together
                                                               with local communities.
                                                                   These efforts include partnering with local communities
                 msyz555手机版积极参与和支撑社区建设,努力实现与当                        where construction work is taking place, to build up these
                                                               communities. Utilising China Construction’s professional expertise
                                                               in engineering, we provide support to infrastructure such as roads,
                 在项目所在地社区广泛开展社区共建活动。发挥工                        telecommunications, water supplies and sewers, thereby helping
                                                               raise local living standards and developmental conditions.
                                                                   China Construction also invests in and participates in building
            共基础设施建设,改善社区生活和发展环境。                               various forms of low-income housing, such as affordable housing,
                 参与经济适用房、限价房、廉租房、公租房等各类                        fixed-price housing, low-rent housing and public rental housing,
                                                               providing quality homes to people with average or below average
                                                               income. We are undertaking interim shelter projects in Wenchuan,
            住房。承接四川汶川安置房项目、面积超过100万平方米                         Sichuan. We are launching launch public rental housing projects,
                                                               such as a development covering one million square metres in
                                                               the Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing and another in Shapingba,
            公共租赁项目、成都市和都江堰的保障性住房项目。                            Chongqing, which covers close to 900,000 square metres. Other
                 参与地方旧城改造。在贵阳,由企业实施的大营坡                        low-income housing projects in Chengdu and Dujiangyan have
                                                               been assigned to the Company.
                                                                   China Construction is also involved in urban redevelopment
            方米,总建筑面积95万平方米,建设用地面积10.5万平方                       projects. In Guiyang municipality, the redevelopment of the
            米,项目改造计划分3期,改造期为3至5年,计划总投资                         old city, Dayingpo, has entered the stage of demolition and
                                                               relocation. The project has cleared an area of 210,000 square
                                                               metres, resulting in gross floor area of 950,000 square metres,
                                                               and building area of 105,000 square metres. The redevelopment
                                                               project will span five years and is divided into three phases. The
                                                               total investment in this project is estimated at 4 billion RMB.
            Charitable Activity

                 msyz555手机版积极参与社会公益事业,认真开展社会帮                            China Construction is active in charitable activities, because
                                                               we sincerely hope that by supporting people in need, we can repay
                                                               society with our care.
                 企业组织向北京、上海等地公益慈善机构开展多次                            We have organised many fundraising activities for charitable
                                                               organisations in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. We supported
                                                               Walk for Millions, to raise funds for services for the elderly offered
            公益金会员社会福利机构的安老服务。                                  through agencies supported by the Community Chest of Hong Kong.
                 2010年,企业在对已建成的希翼小学继续关爱共建                          In 2010, in addition to continuing to support the existing “Project
                                                               Hope” primary schools, we built another three “Project Hope” primary
            的同时,新建3所希翼小学。                                      schools.

                                                               Case study:  Sponsoring local education
                                                                   China Construction Equatorial Guinea Co. donated resources
                 中 建 赤 道 几 内 亚 公 司 向 当 地 儿 童 援 助 委 员 会
                                                               including 10 computers, 100 schoolbags, 100 stationery sets and

         78  msyz555手机版股份有限企业
            China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
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