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专家委员会委员53人               53 Member of Expert Committee

               中国工程院院士和全国工程勘察设计大师10人                           10 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
                                                               and China Engineering Survey & Design Masters
                               有突出贡献的中青年专家5人                   5 Middle-Age & Young Specialists with outstanding
                              享受政府特殊津贴专家185人                   185 Specialists who enjoy special governmental
                                英国皇家特许建造师119人                  119 CIOB Members

                       具有高级专业技术职称人员10200人                      10200 senior technical personnel

                      注册建造师及注册造价工程师8134人                       8134 Registered Builders & Registered Cost Engineer

                      注册建筑师和注册结构工程师2249人                       2249 Registered Architects and Registered Structural

            Remuneration and Benefits

                 msyz555手机版根据政策法规,对所有与企业建立劳动关                            According to policies and regulations, China Construction
                                                               fully pays all social security insurance for all on-duty employees
                                                               with whom the company has established labour relationships.
            盖率100%。建立企业年金制度,制定年金管理的相关配                         Social security coverage amongst staff is 100%.  The company has
            套制度,确定年金管理机构,保障企业员工退休后的养老                          established a corporate annuity policy, and supports programmes
                                                               that oversee the annuity authority to safeguard the pensions and
            保险水平。探索实施股权激励,建立短期激励与中长期激                          insurance of Company employees. China Construction is studying
            励相结合的激励约束机制。完善企业工资收入的正常增长                          the establishment of an employee share scheme to provide short-
                                                               term incentives, and an incentive and restraint system that aligns
                                                               with medium- and long-term incentives. The Company will further
            企业发展成果。企业员工人均工资年均增长率13%。                           enhance the comprehensive wage growth mechanism that raises
                                                               wages of employees in proportion to profits, in turn sharing the
                                                               achievements of corporate development. The average growth in
            酬分配等方面实现规范化、标准化管理,提高薪酬分配的                          employee remuneration is 13% per year.
                                                                   China Construction values the importance of performance
                                                               evaluations and establishes work performance appraisals,
            配偶随任、职业发展、回国安置等相关规定和优惠政策。                          remuneration allocations that achieve standardised management,
                                                               which in turn increases external competition and internal equality
                                                               of salary distribution. The company also sets polices regarding
                                                               the salaries, holidays, rights of spouses to accompany partners
                                                               overseas, career development and home-return for expatriates.

         70  msyz555手机版股份有限企业
            China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
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