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2011年是“十二五”开局之年,大家将在新的发展起                          2011 is the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. From this
                                                               new starting point of development, we will implement the central
                                                               government’s strategic plans, further advancing our development.
            创新发展方式,围绕提升六大能力,重点推进六项工作,                          Focusing on improving our six core capabilities, we will push forward
            加快战略性经营结构调整,努力做强做优。                                our work in the six major fields, accelerate the process to restructure
                                                               strategic operations, and strive for excellence.
                                                                   We will carry out in-depth reforms in the organisation, to focus
            整、功能结构优化为手段提升战略管控能力。                               our strengths for creating value. Through organisational restructuring
                ——大家将生产经营和资本经营创新并重,打造双轮                        and functional structure optimisation, we will strengthen our strategic
                                                               management capability.
                                                                   We will put equal emphasis on production and raising and
            平,不断提升管理实行力。                                       management of capital, so that they can become the Company’s
                ——大家将实施区域化攻坚,发挥集团和规模优势,                        two drivers. Taking our management capability to new heights, we
                                                               will continue to improve our management and operating efficiency,
                                                               striving to build on our heritage while encouraging innovation.
                ——大家将大力发展海外业务,提高盈利能力和风险                            We will strengthen the implementation of localisation.
            管控能力,不断增强企业在海外市场的综合竞争实力。                           Utilising our advantages as a major corporation, we will optimise
                                                               the allocation of resources.
                                                                   We will put great effort into the development of overseas business,
            伍,进一步提高企业人才竞争能力。                                   raising our control over profit and risk management, striving to improve
                ——大家将抓好安全、质量环保和社会公益工作,提                        the Company’s overall competitiveness in overseas markets.
                                                                   We will create a specialised, professional, and internationally
                                                               competitive team of talent, further increasing the quality of our staff.
                大家作为行业排头兵,达到“央企一流,行业排                              We  will  attach  great  importance  to  safety,  quality,
            头”,引领行业实现新的跨越和发展是义不容辞的责任。                          environmental protection and social welfare contribution, further
                                                               fulfilling our integrated roles in society.
                                                                   In the vanguard of the industry, we will strive to become “A
            德,奋发进取,创先争优,为全面完成“十二五”开局之                          first-rate state-owned enterprise and the industry leader”. It is
            年各项工作任务而努力!                                        incumbent on us to lead the industry in terms of innovation and
                                                               development. We understand that our responsibilities are as heavy
                                                               and difficult as they are honourable.  In unity, we will work hard for
                                                               excellence, striving to complete our many duties and tasks in this
                                                               first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.

                                                                                                   2010可持续发展报告  83
                                                                                                   Sustainability Report 2010
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