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Since the introduction of economic reforms and the Open Door policy, the construction industry has maintained
            a rapid rate of growth and made great contributions to the national economy and society. The development of the
            construction industry has changed the face of urban and rural living environments, accelerated urbanisation across
            the country, and promoted the development of related industries. For a developing country with such an expansive
            territory, the world’s largest population and unbalanced economic development, the development of the construction
            industry is a significant contributor to reaching the targets of the state’s macroeconomic control policies, improving
            unemployment, solving poverty, relieving social conflict and building homes in harmony.
                As the premier enterprise in the Chinese construction industry, China Construction not only achieves outstanding
            results in its business, but also makes significant contributions to the advancement of the industry, the environment
            and society. In the China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited Sustainability Report 2010 (hereafter
            called “The Report”), readers can clearly understand the commitment, measures and initiatives and results the
            Company has achieved for all its stakeholders including governments, shareholders, financial institutions, staff,
            customers, strategic partners, supply chain partners, communities and the public. The readers will also be impressed
            by the proactive action that the Company has taken to serve as a leading international construction and real estate
            enterprise for sustainable development.
                The Report highlights the important topic of sustainability in the construction industry, emphasising the
            responsible operation and management essential to the sustainable success of its business operation and the
            commitment to the sustainable development of society and the natural environment. Only if society, the economy and
            the environment become sustainable can China Construction succeed in its plans for a sustainable future. This is both
            the tenet of sustainability for China Construction and a paramount topic in the sustainability of the whole construction
            industry in China.
                The Report links environmental and social issues, disclosed the advanced management concept, great
            achievements and gratifying results of China Construction, highlighting the dominant status of China Construction in
            the development of the industry and society. At present, energy-saving construction technology is critical to building
            an energy-saving society, and this requires immediate attention. The Report provides a highly comprehensive
            overview of the Company’s performances in environmental management, green design, green procurement and
            green construction, which is valuable to the industry in the promotion of an energy-saving society. With regard
            to the promotion of employment, the Report shows China Construction has created numerous job opportunities
            in society and absorbed the labour force generated by the urbanisation in rural areas and restructuring of rural
            villages.  The Company has helped ease the pressure of unemployment and given solid support to the development
            of new village model under socialism. These are very helpful to the resolution of the issues of agriculture, rural
            areas and farmers. The construction industry is also an important force in the handling of unexpected incidents
            and disasters. The Report reveals that China Construction actively responded to the strategic arrangements of the
            Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council after the serious earthquake in Wenchuan
            and Yushui. The Company was in the vanguard of the relief operation in the affected areas to save victims’ lives and
            made an exceptional contribution to the post-disaster reconstruction work; In the meantime, the Report showcases
            the remarkable performances of China Construction in technology innovation, quality service and the undertaking
            of global social responsibility.
                In general, the Report reveals the footprints of China Construction on the road of sustainability and the
            microcosm of the China construction industry in the pursuit of sustainability. I sincerely hope that China Construction
            continues to play the leading role in the industry in its sustainability reporting, to accelerate the transformation of
            business development, to enhance communication and exchange among industry members, to strengthen the study
            of sustainability throughout the construction industry, to promote the advance of the industry and lastly to make even
            greater contribution to the development of the construction business.

                                                                                                   2010可持续发展报告  85
                                                                                                   Sustainability Report 2010
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