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中国社会科学院经济学部企业社会责任研究中心主任 钟宏武
            Zhong Hongwu, Director of the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics
            Department, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


                With the concept of “providing excellent construction projects and creating homes in harmony”, China State Construction Engineering
            Corporation Limited Sustainability Report 2010 (hereafter called “The Report”) is quite comprehensive in presenting the sustainable measures
            and results of China Construction’s commitment to its role as a leading listed enterprise in global architectural construction and property
            development. It is an excellent sustainability report that fully reflects the characteristics of the industry and the features of the enterprise.
                The report fully explains the content and mode of the sustainable development of China Construction. Through the seven sections of “Sustainable
            operation, “Technological innovation”, “Quality”, “Safety”, “Environment”, “Staff” and “Society”, it reveals the concepts, processes and results of China
            Construction’s fulfilment of its corporate social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise, its active promotion and leadership of the development of
            the industry, as well as its pursuit of the sustainable development of the company, the environment and society.
                The structure of the Report is an extension of the framework of Sunshine 2009. Following the general regulations and meeting the
            general requirements of sustainability reporting, it highlights the Company’s fulfilment of responsibilities in 2010. With a focus on seven topics
            related to social responsibility, it fully reveals the accountability of China Construction to stakeholders including the government, shareholders,
            financial organisations, employees, customers, strategic partners, supply chain, the community and the public.
                The content of the Report has been expanded in its coverage and depth to disclose the Company’s social responsibility benchmarks and
            present its major contributions to social responsibility under various themes for the year in response to stakeholder concerns. The Company’
            s contribution of quality projects to Shanghai World Expo and active participation in assisting the reconstruction of the areas hit by the
            earthquake in Yushu shows that China Construction, as a state-owned enterprise, has the courage to stand up and take up its responsibilities
            when the state faces a major event. In addition, as one of the first enterprises to implement the strategy of “reaching-out”, China Construction
            acts as a role model that fulfils its social responsibilities, complies with laws, respects customs, protects the environment, safeguards
            employee interests and actively participates in community building. It builds a positive image as a responsible enterprise by contributing to
            the development of the local economy and society.
                In a clear, simple and readable style, the Report integrates sustainability ideals, practices and results with vivid descriptions of real
            cases. This enables the reader to identify with China Construction’s implementation of its social responsibility initiatives.
                It is hoped that the Company’s coming reports will further increase its coverage to include more in-depth disclosure of its core
            benchmarks, as well as strengthen the comparison with performance results in the past and those of the industry, so as to create a leading
            report in the construction industry in China.
                We look forward to seeing an even more outstanding report next time.

                                                                                                   2010可持续发展报告  87
                                                                                                   Sustainability Report 2010
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