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Matching        Order        Timing        Standard        Do as Romans Do
                                                                                 NINE ASPECTS
                                                                                 OF PROTOCOL


                 Standard for Using Mobile Phones    Standard for Using Name Cards

                 Switch off mobile phone or turn it to   When receiving business cards, we should
                 mute mode, and try not to use mobile   stretch out both hands to take it. We should
                 phone at the meeting, negotiations or at   read it carefully upon receiving. We should keep
                 the meals.                          it properly and never forget taking with us.
                 In such circumstances, it is suggested to
                 put the mobile in the briefcase, bags or
                 pocket. Do not hold it in hand or put it on   Standard for Meetings
                 the table.                          We should follow discipline of the meetings
                                                     and dress properly for the meeting occasions.
                                                     We should avoid doing things like making
                 Standard for Title                  noise, speaking privately, or chatting and
                                                     laughing. Mobile phones should be turned into
                 During official communication, we
                 should call others by their major titles.   mute. We should try not to make any phone
                 To the specialists or academicians, we   calls at the meeting.
                 should call their academic titles. In other   We should get familiarized with the agenda
                 occasions, we can generally call them   and content before the meeting. We should
                 Mr., Mrs., or Ms. and etc.          arrive at the meeting on time and follow
                                                     strictly the time limit for our speeches.

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