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                                                                                 NINE ASPECTS
                                                                                 OF PROTOCOL

                 Do as Romans Do

                 Following the Custom of Guests When Giving Banquet
                 When inviting the guests to banquet, we should ask the guests if they have any dietary
                 restrictions. Attentions are also needed when placing the dinnerware. It is not polite, for
                 instance, to put the teapot mouth pointing to someone or place the chopsticks crossed.

                 Body Language
                 Every religion, every country, every nation and every region has its own body language.
                 We should pay attention to the usage of head, hand, and other parts of our body’s
                 language. We should not offend others with their taboo subjects.

                 Talking Topics
                 Personal privacy is an area to be avoided. During conversation, we should pick up the
                 topics based on the extent of familiarization. We should avoid talking about religion,
                 personal income, age and so on.

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