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Matching        Order        Timing        Standard        Do as Romans Do
                                                                                 NINE ASPECTS
                                                                                 OF PROTOCOL

                 guests to an elevator that is controlled   far-end seat from the main door is the
                 by the administrator, we should let our   host seat. International practice shows
                 guests move in and out first. We should   the right side is more respectable seat
                 stand at the end or sides of the elevator,   than the left side seat. The guest of
                 facing the elevator door, without making   honor will sit on the right side of the
                 noise.                              host, other hosts and guests should take
                                                     cross seats.
                 Guiding the Guests                  We can only leave our seats when the
                                                     host or the higher level person announces
                 At a strange place for guests, we should   the banquet is over.
                 guide the guests 1 or 1.5 meters ahead
                 of them, keeping guests at right hand. If   Rostrum Sitting Order: The front row is
                 the area is left hand traffic, we should   senior than the back row. The center seats
                 keep our guests at left hand side. In case   are senior than the side seats. In China’s
                 the guests are familiar with the direction,   government communication occasions,
                 we should give the right to choose road   the left side is senior than the right one.
                 to our guests.                      But in the international practice, the right
                                                     side seat is senior than the left side seat.
                                                     Car Sitting Order: VIP guest should be
                 Sitting Order
                                                     seated at the seat behind the pilot seat.
                 The senior person, the guests and the   In case the host is driving, the VIP guest
                 leaders should be seated first.     should sit at the pilot’s seat.
                 Sitting arrangement for the banquets:
                 Usually the seat facing the door or the

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