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                                                                                 NINE ASPECTS
                                                                                 OF PROTOCOL


                 Order of Shaking Hands              person of high level. Introducing younger
                                                     person first and then the older person.
                 Introducing senior person first. Between   Introducing men first and then women.
                 higher and lower level, only when the
                 higher level person stretches out his or   The host should make introduction
                 her hand, should the lower level person   first when meeting with guests. When
                 stretch out his or hers. Between older   receiving VIP guests, the highest level
                 generation and younger generation,   person of the host organization should
                 only when the older generation person   make introduction.
                 stretches out his or her hand, should the
                 younger generation person stretch out   During business communications, we
                 his or her hand. Between gentleman and   must not forget introducing information
                 lady, only when the lady stretches out her   of four aspects, namely organization,
                 hand, should the gentleman stretch out   department, title and name.
                 his hand. Upon arrival of guests, the host
                 should stretch out his or her hand first.   When Taking Elevator
                 At the departure, the guest should stretch
                 out his or her hand first.          When taking elevator or escalator we
                                                     should stand on the right side, avoiding
                                                     standing side by side with others.
                 Order of Making Introduction
                                                     When we accompany guests moving in
                 Introducing senior person later. When   and out automatic elevator, we should
                 introducing two persons, first introduce   hold the door and make sure the guests
                 lower level person, and then introduce   move in first. When we accompany the

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