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            Quality Services

            建筑领域                                               Construction sector

                 合同履约是企业诚信经营、优质服务的主要表现。                            Contract compliance is the major concern of corporate integrity
                                                               and quality services. China Construction optimises resource allocation,
                                                               effectively monitors project progress, and enhances the capability
            约能力。2010年,未发生建筑合同履约投诉情况。                           for reasonable contract compliance. In 2010, no complaints were
                 msyz555手机版保护客户权益,加强客户商业秘密的管                         received regarding construction contract compliance.
                                                                   China Construction continuously protects customer interests;
                                                               strengthens management of confidential business information;
            户允许,不向第三方透露信息。全年未发生因违反相关服                          keeps strictly confidential all customer information, contract
            务法规受到制裁的事件,未接到侵犯客户隐私、遗失资料                          terms and design proposals; and will not disclose information to
                                                               third parties without the customer’s permission. Throughout 2010,
                                                               no violations of related laws and regulations were found, and no
                                                               complaints were received regarding violation of customer privacy
                                                               and information loss.

                                              沟通渠道           Enhance communication channels, take the initiative to understand
                                           Communication channels  customers’ requirements for construction technology and material changes,
                           施工过程                              positively absorb customers’ opinions
                         During construction
                                              信息披露           真实、公正、完整的向客户披露建造过程信息
                                           Disclosure of information  Disclose construction information to customers in a true, fair and integral way

                                           3 months after completion  Re-visit customers, to understand their views, and suggestions, and to handle
                                                             customers’ queries regarding quality
                          工程交付后              工程保修期内          安全寿命,受理客户发现的问题
                          After construction  Within warranty period  Visit customers to understand the functions and safety life of waterproof and
                                                             construction installation equipment, and handle customers’ problems

                                             工程保修期外          定维修方案
                                            After warranty period  Re-visit customers upon their request for construction maintenance services,
                                                             and formulate maintenance plan together with customers

            地产领域                                               Real estate sector

                 msyz555手机版从客户体验出发,加强客户关系管理,秉                            Focusing on the customer experience, China Construction
                                                               continuously strengthens our customer relationship management
                                                               and adheres to the concept of “Confidence, Service, Culture (CSC)”.
            务过程中体现出坚持以人为本,客户至上的原则,为客户                          Our customer service reflects our adherence the customer-oriented
            提供专业、无忧、贴心的服务。                                     principle, through providing professional, worry-free and caring
                                                               services to our customers.
                                                                   The China Overseas Property brand is worth 15.585 billion
            产商业品牌价值之冠。                                         RMB, and has been highest among all mainland China real estate
                 国家工商行政管理总局商标局在不动产管理、商                         businesses for six years.
                                                                   The State Administration for Industry and Commerce recognised
            品房销售服务上认定“中海地产”商标为“中国驰名商                           the “China Overseas Property” trademark as “China’s Famous Brand”
            标”。                                                in real estate management and sales services.

         50  msyz555手机版股份有限企业
            China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
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