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            Quality Control

            建筑领域                                               Construction sector

                 msyz555手机版依据ISO9001:2008《质量管理体系要                        According to the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 Quality
                                                               Management Systems certification and the features of various
                                                               business sectors in the Company, China Construction has
            工过程质量检验和控制、竣工验收各环节实施全过程质量                          implemented comprehensive quality control for various processes,
            控制。                                                including construction material procurement, quality inspection and quality
                                                               control during construction, as well as acceptance upon completion.
                                                                   In  2010,  we  achieved  100%  coverage  of  the  quality
            通过率100%、质量评价合格率100%,客户满意率90%;                      management system, a 100% pass rate of completion acceptance,
            获“国家优质工程奖”15项、“鲁班奖”15项,“海外鲁                        and a 90% customer satisfaction rate. Also, we won 15 National
                                                               High Quality Project Awards, 15 Luban Awards, an Overseas Luban
                                                               Award, and a Zhan Tianyou Grand Award.

                设置组织机构               Set up a quality management team, allocate quality management staff at all levels, implement quality management accountability system, and
                Organisation structure
                                     enhance construction quality control

                Comprehensive system  Compile the Project Management Manual, Construction Quality Management Ordinance and Procedures for Construction Material
                                    Preparation, to standardise construction quality management
                质量管理推广               识,推进质量管理标准化进程
              Quality management promotion  Adopt various quality management training measures including promotion, meetings, setting up a QC team and on-site training, to enhance
                                     awareness and promote quality management standardisation
                施工准备阶段               有针对性地组织员工开展工程特点、技术要求及施工方法等方面培训
                 Preparation phase   Incorporate quality requirements, construction period and construction budget into project proposal
                                     Review the design, compile a proposal for survey management and perform technological tests
                                     Organise targeted training for workers regarding construction characteristics, technological requirements, and construction methods
                  施工阶段               量、进度等情况,加强对成品的保护和管理
                 Construction phase  Organise the construction according to the technological procedures, closely monitor work on challenging structural parts that requires advanced
                                     technology, regularly report the construction quality and progress to the customer, strengthen the protection and management of end-product

                  竣工阶段               组织客户、咨询工程师验收
                 Completion phase    Perform self assessment and pre-acceptance according to the contract, and rectify problems that are identified
                                     Meet with customers and consulting engineers for acceptance

                  考核办法               制定《施工企业质量管理工作考核评价办法》
                Assessment method    Formulate the Assessment Method for Construction Quality Management

                  考察内容               Assessments cover five areas: the system of quality management; quality management of human resources, technology and process; and the
                Assessment content
                                     achievements of quality management
            Chart of Quality Control in the Construction Sector

            案例:支撑世界最高速的动车                                      Case study: Supporting the fastest train in the world
                 2010年3月,中建二局土木企业承建松江轨道板场通                         In March 2010, the Song Jiang railway Civil Engineering Company
                                                               of China Second Engineering Bureau Ltd, passed the standardised
                                                               site inspection of Zhejiang Expressway Co. Ltd. The railway was able
            时的沪杭动车,必须保证轨道板承轨台高程误差小于0.3                         to support a train travelling at 416.6 km/hr on a trial run, and it
                                                               guaranteed that the difference in elevation of the rail-bearing blocks

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            China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
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