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            毫米。                                                would not exceed 0.3 mm.                               About Us
                                                                   Regarding construction work, we have published the Manual for
                                                               Standardised Management of Song Jiang Rail Work, Ballast-free Track   可持续经营
            理手册》、《无砟轨道板生产工艺细则》、《无砟轨道板                          Production Specifications  and Ballast-free Track Operation Guide, to
            生产作业引导书》,规范质量标准;引入5S现场管理,加                         specify quality standards. We have also introduced 5S site management,
                                                               to enhance standardised management of on-site materials and
                                                               equipment. Regarding implementation of standardised process control,
            化,一次性通过铁道部上道认证审查。                                  we passed the Ministry of Railways inspection for the railway certificate.   Sustainable Operation

            地产领域                                               Real estate sector                                    科技创新

                 msyz555手机版追求细节完美,将质量控制融入项目立                             Quality construction is a matter of process control. China
                                                               Construction values the pursuit of perfection, and incorporates
                                                               quality control into the entire process – including project initiation,
            工程,为客户提供高品质的住宅。                                    planning and design, construction, and handover to clients. We    Technological Innovation
                                                               strive to produce high quality construction, and provide high
                                                               quality residences to customers.
                             可行性研究    地质勘探          方案制定             施工阶段                                客户服务
                                                                                                                       量   Quality
                                   Project planning
                           Feasibility study
                                                 Site inspection and
                                                                                      acceptance phase
                                                                                                      Customer Services
                                                                   Construction phase
                    初步确定开发方案,申报规划要点  选定项目,签订合作意向书  编制、申报、审批项目可行性研究报告  构造等特点  组织勘察设计企业考察项目所在地的自然环境、地质  组织设计企业编制设计方案  量等级和水平  根据使用需求、经济状况,在预算范围内确定工程质  的施工工艺、材料应用;实时监控工程质量和进度  依据《工程质量管理前期策划工作指引》,监督承建商  向承建商贯彻设计理念,根据设计方案监督承建商施工  收房专项检查  根据交房标准组织二次检查,结合物业要求实施逐户模拟  开展自检  依据《工程竣工质量验收移交工作指引》,督促承建商  户,并针对客户的疑问进行回复  树立
                                                                                                          “ 客户至上
              planning stage
                                                                                                                       全   Safety

                                                                                                          ” 的服务理念,将房屋及钥匙交给客
                                                                               the property requirements

                                                                   the contractor, according to the design concept
                          Develop, present and approve the feasibility study
                  Confirm project selection and sign the letter of intent
                                                                                                                       境   Environment
                                                structure by site investigation and surveying companies
                                                                                     Construction Completion Acceptance of Occupation Transfer
                                                                                                    and keys to customers, and clearly answer customers’ queries
                                            to user needs and economic conditions while ensuring construction quality
                                                             the Guidelines for Preliminary Planning of Construction Quality Management
                                  Specify the market position, nature and resource requirements of the project.
                                                                     Present the design concept to the contractor, and supervise construction by
                                                                                                      Establish a customer-oriented service philosophy, hand over the apartments
                                                               materials, and closely monitor construction quality and progress according to
                                                                 Supervise the construction technology and process, as well as use of
                                              Call for the surveyor to compile a design proposal within the budget, according
                                                  Organise surveys of features such as natural environment and geological
                                                                                 mock apartment-to-apartment handover special inspection corresponding to
                                                                                   Organise a secondary inspection according to handover standards, perform a
                Confirm the preliminary development plan, and present the main points in the
                                                                                        Advise contractors to perform self-inspection according to the Guidelines for
            Quality Control in the Real Estate Sector
            案例:为客户打造精品住宅                                       Case study: Offer high-quality residences to customers   Staff
                 中海地产对项目入伙前质量检查的时间、方法、要                            China Overseas Property has a management department and
                                                               a customer relations department, to monitor the schedule of quality
                                                               inspection, methods, requirements and achievements before handover.
            查、验收等三道检查;将检查过程中暴露的问题录入、整                          All projects must pass three inspection phases: self-inspection by the
            改、销项。2010年共入伙3.6万余户。                               project department, re-inspection by the development and management     会
                                                               department, and acceptance by the property management department.
                                                               All problems found during the inspection process must be recorded,    Society
                                                               rectified and checked. In 2010, more than 36,000 new households
                                                               completed the handover of their residences.
                                                                                                   2010可持续发展报告  49
                                                                                                   Sustainability Report 2010
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