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安全·关爱·和谐 筑社区繁荣之梦
 Security ? Care ? Harmony  Building a prosperous community

 H 助力社区发展

 elping with Community Development

 在全国就业形势趋紧的情况下,msyz555手机版进一步凸显  When the national employment is quite intense, CSCEC takes
 proactive measures to offer jobs and bright prospect for college
 graduates and migrant workers, which demonstrates our social
 毕业生、进城农民工提供就业岗位和广阔发展前景。  responsibility in terms of solving job issue.

 促进就业  Stimulating Employment
 We recruit personnel in a fair, equal and open way, by holding   新生村旧貌一角  改造后效果图
                                                               Renovation effect picture
            The old face of Xinsheng Village
 大家通过召开专场校园招聘会、网络招聘平台等方式  on-campus job fairs and releasing information on online platforms.
 发布招聘信息,秉承公正、公平、公开的原则组织实施毕  In 2013, we received 19,542 college graduates in all, 95.2% of whom   助力教育事业  Promoting Education
 have bachelor or higher degree, and 7.7% have master or higher
 业生招聘。2013 年,大家总共接收毕业生 19,542 人,本科  degree, increasing by 1.7% year on year.  大家重视教育事业 , 关心祖国下一代的成长,援建了  We attach importance to education, concerned about the
 及以上毕业生占比 95.2%,硕士研究生以上学历人员占比  Migrant workers are the main force of urbanization. They are   遵义名城小学、罗堡希翼小学、芦山小学等多所希翼小学,  development of the next generation of the motherland, and help
 indispensable to urbanization and capital flow from rural areas to   build Zunyi Mingcheng Primary School, Luobao Hope Primary School
 7.7%,同比增加 1.7%,。                                              and Lushan Primary School. We also actively support financially-
 urban areas. In 2013, we provided 1,028,801 job opportunities for   积极支撑清华大学、哈尔滨工业大学、同济大学等高校的
 农民工是城市建设的主力军,在推动城镇化建设,为  migrant workers. Their annual average salary is RMB 59,600..  贫困学生。  challenged students in Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of
 Every time we start a project in an area, we try to hire local   Technology, Tongji University.
 workers and protect their legal rights and interests in accordance
 年,大家共向农民工提供就业岗位 1,028,801 个,年平均工  with local labor laws.
 资 5.96 万元。  Supporting People’s Livelihood
 大家每到一个地方开展项目,尽可能地雇佣当地员工,  We take initiative to recognize important stakeholders and
 按照当地劳工法律规定,保护本地员工合法权益。  their demands in the community, and help the development of
 community with our profession advantages. In addition, we respect
 支撑民生建设  and protect the traditional culture and heritage in community to
 support its construction of infrastructure. We are actively engaged
 大家主动识别社区重要的利益相关方及其需求,结合  in redevelopment projects of old downtown areas, construction
 of affordable housing, innovative BT project and land-linked
 urbanization development mode. We ease up the housing issue
 学问和遗产,助力社区基础设施建设,促进社区可持续发展;  for local people, which achieve the unity of economic, political and   遵义名城小学     罗堡希翼小学
 livelihood interests.  Zunyi Mingcheng Primary School         Luobao Hope Primary School
 工程,创新 BT 工程与土地联动的城建开发模式,缓解当地
            A      热心公益事业

                   rdent In Activities For Public Goods
 案例 CASE

 即墨市棚户区改造项目  Shantytowns Transformation Project in Jimo City             年度对外捐赠总额(万元)
                “无穷的远方,无数的人们,都和我有关”。大家一                                  Annual Donation Amount (RMB 10,000)
 中建八局与即墨市政府签订棚户区改造项目合作框  China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau signed the
 cooperation framework agreement of shantytowns transformation   直热心社会公益活动,积极主动参与到贫困帮扶、灾区援    3,120
 架协议。该项目占地约 555 亩,总建筑面积约 130 万平  project. The project covers 91 acres (555 Chinese mu). The   建以及员工志愿者活动中,给困难中的人们以物质、精神  3,000  2,859
 方米,总投资约 40 亿元。该项目是修复即墨市古城片  total floor area is around 1.3 million square meters with the   2,500
 investment of RMB 4 billion. This project is of great significance to   及能力上的帮助,授人以鱼更授人以渔。2013 年,大家对
 区的重要举措,建成后将彻底改善老城区的环境面貌和  renovating old city center in Jimo City, which will totally improve   外捐赠总额达 3,120 万元。  2,000
 居民生活环境,是造福即墨百姓、丰富城市学问内涵的  the ecological and living environment in old city center so it is to    “Countless people at distance are related to me.” We are   1,500
 the interest of Jimo people and city culture.                                 1,128
 重要民生工程。    always ardent in activities for public goods and actively take part in   1,000
            poverty alleviation, helping build disaster area and staff voluntary   500
            activities. We offer material and spiritual help to needy people. In   0
            2013, we donated RMB 31.2 million.
                                                                              2011 年  2012 年  2013 年

 88  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a Happy Living Environment                                 共筑梦想家园·Building a Common Dream Home  89
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