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加强环境管理  加强环境管理
 Strengthening Environmental   Strengthening Environmental
 Management  Management
   奉献绿色人居    奉献绿色人居
 Dedicating Green Habitat  Dedicating Green Habitat
 共建绿色社区  共建绿色社区
 Building Green Communities   Building Green Communities
 Together   Together

 环保能力建设  Capacity Building for Environmental Protection  大家贯彻落实党中央、国务院的号召,完善绿色  We have implemented the CPC Central Committee and
                                                                   the State Council’s calls to improve green office systems, and
 推行绿色建造离不开员工的支撑。大家高度重视  Our approach to constructing green buildings is supported   办公制度,积极开展绿色办公教育与宣传,推动绿色  are actively conducting green office education and publicity
 by our employees. Green construction training is important,
 绿色建造培训,首次举办绿色建筑专题会议——中国  which is the reason why we organized the first green building   发展理念融入到日常工作中,使员工自觉地节电、节水、  as well as promoting the integration of green development
                                                                   concepts into our daily work so that we can save electricity,
 建筑绿色建筑论坛暨 2012 年度总工程师培训班,宣  conference, the CSCEC Green Building Forum and 2012 Training   节纸、节油、节气。2012 年,仅企业总部会议预算节约  water,  paper  and  oil.  In  2012,  the  headquarters  saved
 Sessions for Chief Engineers, and the reason why we publicized   139.2 万元(不包含差旅费),减少出差约 365 人次。
 读《推进绿色建筑,拓展幸福空间》的倡议书。2012 年,                                      RMB 1.392 million (exclusive of traveling expenses) on our
 the Initiatives on Promoting Green Building to Expanding a Happy   conferencing budget, and reduced business travel equivalent
 大家组织环保培训 150 余次,覆盖 2,000 余人次。  Living Environment. In 2012, we organized 150 environmental   to 365 person times.
 training sessions for more than 2,000 staff.
 Green Procurement
 大家积极组织开展供应商的环保评级,将供应商  We evaluate the environmental performance of our
 是否通过环境管理体系作为重要考核标准;主动将“节  suppliers, and view the implementation of an environmental
 management system as essential to our evaluation standards.   奉献绿色人居
 We also incorporate environmental protection requirements
 料的加工和运输过程中的环保要求,优先选择带有环  for energy conservation and emissions reduction into our   Dedicating Green Habitat
 procurement contracts, defining environmental requirements for
 processing and transporting building materials, and giving priority
 大家致力于提升整个产业环境管理水平,积极与  to products with environmental certifications and markings.  大家根据工程项目全生命周期整体运营需要,搭  In accordance with the overall operational needs of a
 We are committed to improving environmental                       project’s lifecycle, we build operational platforms for green
 供应商共同开发、推广绿色环保技术;督促供应商推  建绿色建筑整体运营平台,建立基于统一资源调配、
 management in the industry, and are jointly developing and        buildings, and establish an industry mechanism that are
 进环境管理体系建设,通过认证审核,促进供应商提  promoting green technology with suppliers, urging them to   质量标准、信息交换的产业联动机制,实现“开发—设  based on uniting our resource allocation, quality standards
 drive the construction of environment management system           and informational exchanges. We do this integrate our
 升环境管理水平。            计—建造—运营”全生命周期一体化运作,不断推进
 forward by getting environmental certifications to improve        operations for the lifecycle of project. The integration includes
 environmental management among our suppliers.  绿色社区和生态城镇建设,打造具有msyz555手机版特色的  all aspects of investment, development, design, construction
                     绿色社区和生态城镇品牌。                                  and operations. We also promote the construction of green
                                                                   communities and ecological towns, and are creating new
                                                                   brands with the green characteristics of CSCEC.
 Green Offices
 Establish a conference management system, print and issue the conference management rules, actively   United Resource Allocation, Quality Standards, and Information Exchange
 promote video conferencing, and strictly control the number and size of on-site conferences and conferences
 in other cities
                                   绿色开发               绿色设计             绿色施工              绿色运营
 加强办公信息系统建设,推进无纸化办公。2012 年,仅总部节约 10 万元左右的纸张费和邮寄费  Green development  Green design  Green construction  Green operations
 Strengthen the office information system and promote a paperless office. In 2012, headquarters saved about
 RMB 100,000 in paper expenses and postage
 总部推进绿色机房建设,优化机房布局,便于机房散热;创新技术,提高服务器使用效率                   Green building
 Promote the construction of a green equipment room and optimize its layout to efficiently cool the equipment
 room, and make technological innovations to increase the efficiency of servers

                     绿色开发                                          Green Development
 按需采购办公设备,不断提高办公用品的使用效率  绿色开发需要在开发的过程中充分地考虑低碳、                        Green development is often characterized by great
 Purchase office equipment as needed , and increase the utilization rate of office supplies  complexity and high costs. However, we accept that we must
                     节能、节地、节水等环保要求,难度大、成本高。大家致                     give full consideration to low carbon development, energy
                     力于传播绿色开发理念、探索绿色开发途径,携手同                       saving, land and water resources, and other environmental
 核定公务车编制,优先选用低能耗、低污染的车辆                                            requirements as  we develop.  We are committed  to
 Check the organization’s official vehicles and give priority to energy-saving and environmentally friendly   行共同提升绿色开发建造水平。  disseminating green development concepts, exploring new
 vehicles                                                          ways to further green development and improve construction
                                                                   with our counterparts.

 Promote water-saving appliances and install a rainwater recovery system to collect rainwater

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