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                           2015年10月 第五期 双月出版

                           监制:郭景阳                            (京内资准字 1215—L0123 号)                  扫描二维码,
 目录                        实行主编:丁文龙                           电话:010-88082511                    《中建幸福空间》
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                           编辑:苗善忠 曹倩 吴扬 陈力行 谢群 王岩
                           协力:王丹 王润泽 蔡永丽 张旸

 08-25  28-35  36-41                                                         44-51

 V I E W P O I NT  F I GU R E S  S T O R I E S                               T R V ALL I N G

 引子   Introduction  01  “股权多元化”开辟区域化战略新路径  20  城事   Stories  36~41  思乡之地鼓浪屿                          51
 “Equity Diversification” to Open a                           Gulangyu Island, a Place With Feel
 改革贵在自我革命的精神  New Path of Regional Strategy  为“蛟龙” 造个栖息港  36
 Self-Initiated Revolution is Key Factor in   Building A Home Port for “JIAOLONG”  身边   Around       52~57
 The Reform  完善制衡决策机制   发挥治理核心作用  22
 微讯   Microinfo  04~07  Perfecting Balanced Decision Making   我守望着大海,等你来  41  寻访青春的足迹                52
 and Playing a Core Role in Corporate   I Watched The Sea For Your Return  When They Were Young
 视点   Viewpoint  08~25  记忆   Memories            42~43        越是真实,越是感人                              55
 借改革之力圆腾飞之梦  24                                               ——国家大剧院观看话剧《梅兰芳》有感
 国企改革  Dream of Soaring to Be Realized With  敬重历史,敬重创造历史的同志
 Reform OF SOEs  Support Of Reform  Respecting History And Respecting  The More Real The More Moving
                                                               (Thoughts On Watching The Play
          Those Who Made The History                          “Mei Lanfang” At The National
 抓住机遇  融资创新  10  老孟   Lao Meng  26~27                         Theater For Performing Arts)
 推动msyz555手机版  战略转型升级  资本效率  四方   Travelling           44~51        钢筋工的一天                                 56
 Grasping Opportunity With Financing   Capital Efficiency  “永恒之地”瓦努阿图  44  A Day of A Steel Fixer
 Innovation to Push Forward   “Forever” Vanuatu
 The Strategic Transformation
 and Upgrading of CSCEC  人物   Figures  28~35                   看见   See                              58~65
          柬囧                                     46
 青春筑梦“新丝路”  28                                                摄影用力的方向
 把握“三个坚持”  深入推进市场化改革  16  “New Silk Road” Dream Built Up   Lost in Cambodia  Explore Direction of Photography
 Deepening Reform of Marketization  By The Young
 By Making Sure “Sticking to   澳门杂记              48
 Three Orientations”  Notes for Macao
 董豫赣 :建筑一事,“人物”为先  32

 战略重组,探索 “专业化” 发展新路径  18  Dong Yugan: People is The Priority of   莫高窟外柳成荫  50
 Strategic Restructure to Explore New
 Development Path To “Specialization”  Mogao Grottoes Surrounded by Willows

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