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Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping
                                               our mission firmly in mind, CSCEC has identified and
                                               established a unique development path that reflects its own
                                               characteristics. By adopting the spirit of the “Iron Army”, we
                                               continue to promote the cultural features of “Sacrificing
                                               personal interests in favor of general interests” and are
                                               advancing the construction industry of modern China. Our
                                               deep understanding and implementation of “performance
                                               culture” has established the Company to become a cultural
                                               standard in the Chinese construction industry. As the
                                               socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, CSCEC
                                               will also change to a new historic juncture. We will make
                                               advances in Party leadership, inherit fine traditions of the
                                               Party, build stronger confidence in our own culture, and give
                                               full play to the power of culture to lead the industry’s overall
                                               exploration of “improving quality and increasing efficiency for
                                               transformation and upgrading” in the field of investment and
                                               construction in China.

                                                   Memory is a book full of history, and architecture is the
                                               symbol of a city. Architecture reminds us of our history. Let
                                               us look back at our history, reliving the years of growth and
                                               reviewing the development path of CSCEC.

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