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大发展时期 (1992年-2002年)
               Great Development Period (1992-2002)

                                                       Strongly inspired by the Southern Tour Speech
            知名、重大工程项目并再创建筑奇迹。中建二                    of Deng Xiaoping, CSCEC quickened its pace for the
            局、中建三局在深圳地王大厦项目创造了“两                    efficient restructuring and development.
                                                       During this period, CSCEC contracted and
                                                    undertook a series of well-renowned and important
            局在“天上无飞鸟、地上石头跑”的戈壁腹                     domestic and overseas engineering projects and
            地巴丹吉林沙漠承建了酒泉卫星发射中心工                     continuously created architectural miracles. China
                                                    Construction 2 nd  Engineering Bureau and China
                                                    Construction 3 rd  Engineering Bureau created the “New
            建设任务,创出了三项世界第一、一项亚洲第                    Shenzhen Speed”—“One structural floor constructed
            一、三项中国第一的建筑奇迹。                          in two and a half days” in building Shenzhen Di
                                                    Wang Commercial Center. China Construction 8th
                                                    Engineering Bureau took its initiative to conduct the
            市,实现了生产经营与资本经营的有机结合,                    engineering construction for Jiuquan Satellite Launch
            各项业务实现了跳跃式发展。                           Center Engineering Project in Badain Jaran Desert
                                                    Hinterland highly featuring “No bird flying in the sky
                                                    while only stones rolling on the ground”, completing
                                                    the construction task with high quality by the Iron
                                                    Army’s pioneering spirit while creating the architectural
                                                    miracles as the project won three world No.1s, one Asia
                                                    No.1 and three China No.1s.
                                                       During this period, China Overseas Holdings Co.,
                                                    Ltd., successfully launched its IPO in Hong Kong Stock
                                                    Exchange and quickly realized the highly effective
                                                    combination of the production operations and capital

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