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倡导公平竞争                                                                                                                 倡导公平竞争
       Advocating Fair Competition                                                                                            Advocating Fair Competition
         推动科技创新                                                                                                                 推动科技创新
       Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation                                                                      Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation
       实施管理创新                                                                                                                 实施管理创新
       Implementing Management Innovations                                                                                    Implementing Management Innovations
       引领行业发展                                                                                                                 引领行业发展
       At the Forefront of the Development of the Industry                                                                    At the Forefront of the Development of the Industry
       开展国际合作交流                                                                                                               开展国际合作交流
       International Cooperation and Exchanges                                                                                International Cooperation and Exchanges
                        2012 年,大家强化科技创新管理组织建设,逐步                      In 2012, we strengthened our scientific and technological
                                                                   innovation management organization, and assigned full-time                 Case Study: New CCTV Tower — a Miracle in the   of new construction technology. The New CCTV Tower
                     在绿色建筑研究、产品线标准化研究、BIM 技术应用                                                                                                Construction Industry                       was also recognized as a "Top 10 Wonder of Chinese New
                                                                   R&D staff in the fields of green building research, product
                     等研究领域均配备专职研发人员。围绕打造全产业链                       line standardization, and the application of BIM technology.                  The New CCTV Tower covers a construction area   Architecture" and "The Most Striking Work in Today’s
                                                                   Taking into account the objectives of building a “green and                of 550,000 m 2 , Its tallest building is 234 meters high. The   World", by American magazine Business Week and British
                     “绿色中建”、“数字中建”和大力推进“建筑工业化”                                                                                                                                            paper The Times. Moreover, the project was awarded the
                                                                   digital CSCEC” , we issued The Decision on Further Promoting               project adopted and promoted 10 major items, 33 items and
                     的目标,出台了《关于进一步推进msyz555手机版科技创新工                      Scientific and Technological Innovation in CSCEC, as well as               50 sub-items in the 10 new construction technologies, and   titles of “Classic Chinese Architecture Engineering” and
                     作的决定》等文件,在总结企业科技创新工作基础上,                      other papers. We also developed concrete plans for scientific              created 21 new technologies. The project was recognized as   “Beijing Top 10 Landmark Building”.
                                                                   and technological innovation to ensure our sustained and                   a national golden demonstration project for its application
                     明确企业发展需要集中力量推进科技创新,并对下一                       healthy development and to support technological innovation
                     步科技创新工作做了具体规划,保障科技创新支撑和                       that contributes to more advanced technology in the industry.
                     引领“msyz555手机版”持续、健康发展,努力为行业发展贡                                                                                                 案例:卡塔尔多哈高层办公楼项目
                     献更多先进技术和经验。                                                                                                                 多哈高层办公楼总高度为 238 米,其外立面是带有多层次古伊斯兰文
                                                                                                                                              化图案的具有遮阳功能的金属幕墙 , 结构采用螺旋柱及预应力环梁支撑
                       案例:打造科技创新实施平台                               Case Study: Building an Implementation Platform for                        柱结构的世界第一高楼 , 获得世界高层建筑权威机构“世界高层建筑和城
                                                                   Scientific and Technological Innovation
                          msyz555手机版技术中心是以企业为研发主体,产、学、                                                                                              市住宅学会”颁发的“2012 年中东及非洲地区最佳高层建筑大奖”。
                                                                      The  CSCEC Technology Center is an open
                       研相结合的开放型科技创新实施平台,被国家发改                      implementation platform for scientific and technological
                       委等部门认定为国家级企业技术中心,连续多年在                      innovation. The Center focuses on corporate research and                   Case Study: Doha Tower
                                                                   development and combines production, study and research,
                       国家评估考核中位居建筑业企业技术中心首位。                       which has been identified as a state-level enterprise                         Doha Tower in Qatar is a 238-meter-high office building. Its fa?ade is multi-
                                                                   technology center by SASAC. In national assessments and                    level metal curtain wall containing an old Islamic cultural pattern. The Tower has a
                                                                                                                                              spiral column and a pre-stressed ring beam support system to maximize the efficient
                                                                   examinations, the Center has ranked first among enterprise                 use of the interior space. It is currently the world’s highest building using reinforced,
                                                                   technology centers in the construction industry for several                cross shape concrete diagrid columns.  It awarded the "Best Tall Building in Middle
                                                                   years running.
                                                                                                                                              East & Africa" by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a world high-rise   卡塔尔多哈高层办公楼项目
                                                                                                                                              construction authority.                                      Doha high-rise office building project

                        大家关注超高层施工技术由工艺探索创新向精细                         We are concerned about the transformation of high-rise
                                                                   construction technology from technical process exploration               实施管理创新
                     化管理、智能化建设施工转型。2012 年,大家重点对
                                                                   to fine management and intelligent construction. In 2012, we
                     绿色施工量化控制、BIM 技术行业应用创新等多项超                     focused on the research and the application of forefront topics          Implementing Management Innovations
                                                                   with regard to high-rise building construction such as green
                                                                   construction quantization control, and BIM technological
                     层施工技术的持续创新,成为国内新一轮超高层建设                       innovation in the industry. We hope that this approach will                 大家强化“商业化、集团化、科学化”理念,全面                         We regularly strengthen our commercialized, collectivized
                                                                   drive innovation in high-rise construction technology and
                     高潮的领跑者。                                                                                                                                                              and scientific management concept in order to innovate our
                                                                   help CSCEC become a leader in a new round of high-rise                   实施管理创新,成功实现经营理念、结构调整、增长方                      approach to management. We have successfully transformed
                                                                                                                                            式、经营方式、集约化管理、发展目标、发展理念七大                      and upgraded our management models including our business
                                                                                                                                                                                          concepts, structural reorganization, growth models, business
                                                                                                                                                                                          models, centralized management, development goals and
                       案例:中央电视台新台址主楼创建筑业奇迹                                                                                                  业管理创新的标杆。                                     development concept. Our management models have enhanced
                                                                                                                                                                                          our management and control capabilities, and established a
                          中央电视台新址项目总建筑面积约 55 万平方
                                                                                                                                                                                          benchmark for management innovation in the industry.
                       米,最高建筑 234 米,共推广应用“建筑业十项新
                       技术”中的 10 个大项,33 个分项,50 个子项,创
                                                                                                                                               传统企业        房建施工         “建房”       分散资源经营        粗放式管理      参与国际工程承包     注重规模效益
                       新技术 21 项,荣获全国建筑业新技术应用示范金                                                                                                Traditional   Housing   Building houses  Distributing   Extensive   Participating in   Focusing on scale
                                                                                                                                              enterprises  construction            business resources  management  international project   benefits
                                                                                                                                              经营理念升级       结构调整升级       增长方式升级      经营方式升级      集约化管理升级      发展目标升级       发展理念升级
                       和英国《泰晤士报》评为“中国十大新建筑奇迹”                                                                                                Upgrading business   Upgrading structural   Upgrading growth   Upgrading business   Upgrading intensive   Upgrading   Upgrading
                                                                                                                                                concepts   reorganization  models     models     management  development goals  development concepts
                                                                                                                                               现代企业       基础设施、房地        “建城”     整合集成内外资源       精细化管理       经营跨国集团        注重央企
                       建筑经典工程”和“北京十大新地标”称号。                                                                                                     Modern    产投资综合开发      Building “towns”  经营    Detailed management  Operating   三大责任
                                                                   中央电视台新台址主楼项目                                                                enterprises  Infrastructure, real   Integrating internal       multinational   Focusing on three
                                                                   New CCTV Tower                                                                                                                             corporations
                                                                                                                                                          estate investment,       and external business                 responsibilities of
                                                                                                                                                          and comprehensive          resources                           central enterprises
         80  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                                                                                                                                拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  81
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