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企业以查思想、查制度、查方案、查隐患、查整改等                            The Company utilizes a range of safety inspection ideas, systems    案例:项目安全引入“中医疗法”                                    Case Study: Introducing “Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy”   关于大家
                                                               and programs to uncover hidden dangers and rectify problems.                                                           into Project Safety
            为主要内容,通过访谈、查阅记录、现场查看等方式,对                                                                                                  在承建重庆市两江名居公租房项目时,msyz555手机版二
                                                               Through interview, checking records, on-site inspections and other                                                         While building public rental housing in Chongqing, the Southwest
            施工生产中易发生伤亡事故的施工部位、施工过程、现场                          approaches, the Company has inspected those aspects that are prone   局西南分企业创造性地提出了“望闻问切”的工作方式:                         Branch Company of China Construction 2nd Bureau drew from the
            防护设施、施工机械防护装置等进行检查,及时消除安全                          to accidents, covering construction links, construction processes,   望——检查安全隐患、检查工作人员精神状态;闻——加                         diagnostic methods of traditional Chinese medicine, and put forward the    About Us
                                                               protection facilities at sites, and the protective devices of construction                                             “look, listen, question and feel”, method. This means: to look — inspecting
            隐患,保障企业生产运行的本质安全性。                                                                                                     大宣传、强化意识;问——加强教育,预防为主;切——
                                                               machinery so as to eliminate hidden dangers in time and ensure the                                                     hidden dangers and enhancing the working spirit of employees; to   可持续经营
                                                               safety of the company’s production and operations.                  通过班前提示、班后总结,及时发现并消除安全隐患。                           listen — increasing publicity and enhancing awareness; to question —
                                                                                                                                   通过在安全管理中引入“中医疗法”,确保了项目安全                           strengthening education and focusing on prevention; and to feel — finding
                                                                                                                                                                                      out and eliminating hidden dangers in a timely manner by warning in
                                                                                                                                                                                      advance and summarizing afterwards. This innovative approach ensured
                                                                                                                                                                                      the safety of the project.                            Sustainable Operation
                          深基坑     Deep foundation                         高处坠落     Falling from height
                       高大脚手架      High and large scaffolding              物体打击     Hit by objects
                     大型起重设备       Large lifting equipment                     触电   Electric shock                                                                                                                                          全产业链创新
                        隧道施工      Tunnel construction                     机械伤害     Mechanical injury
                       桥梁施工等      Bridge construction, and others  起重伤害等事故隐患       Lifting injuries and other construction hazards

                                                         专项检查                                                                                                                                                                               Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain
                                                      Special Inspection

                2011年,企业组织安全检查280余次,检查项目约                          In 2011, the Company organized over 280 safety inspections,
                                                               inspecting about 5,000 items, and finding and rectifying over 20,000                                                                                                          量
                                                               hidden dangers. According to the principles of “making rectification by
            定时间、定措施的原则及时整改,整改率100%。                                                                                                安全学问                                                                                                     Quality
                                                               assigned responsible persons at stated time with specified measures”,
                                                               the Company made timely rectifications and achieved a 100% of       Safety Culture
                                                               rectification rate.                                                                                                                                                         安
            2011年企业安全检查活动(部分)                                                                                                                                                                                                                全
            Our Main Safety Inspection Activities in 2011 (segment)
                                                                                                                                       msyz555手机版充分发挥学问的引导和塑造作用,积极开展                            China Construction gives full play to the guiding and shaping role    Safety
                                                                                                                                                                                      of culture, actively conducts activities that facilitate a culture of safety,
                                                                                            检查项目数(个)                                                                                  and enhances employees’ awareness and capacity by influencing the
             时间         目的/内容                                    项目                                                                能力,促进员工从“要我安全”到“我要安全”安全思想                                                                               环
             Time       Purpose / Content                        Items                      Number of                                                                                 corporate cultural and transforming employees from a “want me safe”     境
                                                                                            Inspected Items
                                                                                                                                   观念的转变。                                             approach to a “I want to be safe” approach.
             2月—3月      节后复工、两会期间安全生产检查                          在京项目                                                                                                                                                                       Environment
             From February to   Inspection of production safety after Spring Festivals and during two conferences   16             安全学问理念                                             Concepts of Safety Culture
             March      (i.e., the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Conference)  Projects in Beijing
                                                                                                                                                                                          We have constantly sublimated the culture of safety and put
                                                                                                                                       企业不断升华丰富安全学问,提出生命至上,安全运                        forward the life supreme, and safe operation first concept. The   员
                        检查《安全生产管理手册》的贯彻情况和有关工                                                                                                                                                                                                工
             4月初        程项目管理标准化情况                               东北区域项目及对应分企业                      9                               营第一的安全学问理念。理念融入了企业对员工和社会的                          concept integrates our responsibility to our employees and society,
             In early April  Inspection on the implementation of Production safety Management Manual and the   Projects in Northeast and their companies  强烈社会责任感,集中体现了企业以人为本、珍重生命和   and facilitates cultural thinking that focuses on humanity, treasuring    Staff
                        standardized management of relevant projects                                                                                                                  life, scientific development, and building a harmonious enterprise.
                        安全生产抽查,万达项目在安全、质量、成本方                                                                                                                                         Construction of Safety Culture                         会
             4月中下旬                                               7个省和地区的万达项目                                                       安全学问建设
             In the middle and   面面临的特殊情况                        Wanda's projects in seven provinces and regions  15                                                                      We use publicity and education to construct our safety culture.    Society
             late  April  Sample inspection of production safety;                                                                                                                     Through media activities that include newspapers, magazines, flip
                        Special situation that Wanda faced in the aspect of safety, quality and cost.                                  企业将宣传教育作为安全学问建设的基本方法,通过
                                                                                                                                                                                      charts, banners, blackboard newspaper, and public readings, we
                                                                                                                                   报刊、挂图、横幅、板报、读本等多种媒介进行全方位的                          have publicly promoted our safety concept and educated our staff
             8月份        全系统安全督查工作                                                                  24                              宣传教育和常识普及,营造浓厚的安全学问氛围,将安全                          and society on the benefits of creating a strong safety culture. We
             In August  Safety supervision and inspection in all subordinated companies  目为主
                                                                 Focusing on housing and infrastructure construction                                                                  have also translated the safety concepts into the conscious actions of

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