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                安全制度体系                                             Safety Systems
                                                                   China Construction implements all national policies, laws and
                                                               regulations with regard to production safety, has established a system
            策方针,建立规范企业安全生产责任、监督、流程和评价                                                                                                                                                                                                       About Us
                                                               and standards for production safety responsibility,  supervision,
            等方面的制度和标准,形成权责明确、全面覆盖、自上而                          process and evaluation in order to form a top-down safety system
                                                               with clearly outlined responsibilities. In 2011, the Company formulated                                                                                                     可持续经营
                                                               and improved more than 480 safety management systems and
                企业大力推进安全生产标准化建设,制订《企业开展                            The Company made great efforts to promote standardized
                                                               production safety, and formulated the Application Program for
                                                               Evaluating Standardized Production Safety in the Enterprises,                                                                                                                Sustainable Operation
                                                               requesting that subsidiary companies develop their own evaluation
            步逐级开展安全生产标准化达标评价工作。                                method, establish evaluation standards, and develop a step-by-step
                                                               evaluation in the enterprises.

                                                                   Safety Emergency System
                                                                   The Company takes the “improvement of its emergency system,
                安全应急体系                                         and enhancement of its emergency capability” as its principal goal,
                企业以完善应急体系,提高应急能力为主线,坚持事                        and persists in paralleling the rescue afterwards with the prevention                                                                                                        Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain
                                                               beforehand. It strengthens the building of emergency rescue teams
                                                               and equipment, and intensifies emergency disposal to continuously
            建设,强化应急处置,持续提升应急管理水平。                              improve its emergency management.


                ????????????                                                            ??????                                                                                                                                              Quality
                  Core elements of overall                                         Categories of onsite disposal                   安全落实
                  emergency rescue plan                                              program for accidents                         Safety Implementation                                                                                   安
                                                           ????                                                                                                                                                                              全
                 ??????????                              Headquarters               ??????                                                                                                                                                  Safety
                 ????????                                                           ??????
                 ????                                      ????                     ????                                               msyz555手机版建立三位一体的安全落实机制,通过责任落                            China  Construction  has  established  a  responsibility
                 ????                                   Secondary Units             ????                                                                                              implementation system featuring the three in one concept. Through   环
                 ????                                                               ??????                                         实、培训落实、检查落实三个环节的工作,加强安全工作                          the implementation of responsibility, trainings and inspections the     境
                                                           ????                     ??????                                         的落实和实行力度,提高企业安全管理水平,增强企业的                          Company strengthened the implementation and enforcement of work
                 Members of emergency rescue          Subsidiary Companies                                                                                                            safety, improved its safety management and enhanced its intrinsic    Environment
                 leaders group                                                      Falling from height                            本质安全性。                                             and overall safety.
                 Responsibilities of departments          ?????                     Hit by objects
                 concerned                          Manager Department of Project   Collapse                                       责任落实                                               Implementing Responsibility                          员
                 Emergency warning                                                  Electric shock                                                                                                                                           工
                 Emergency response                                                 Mechanical injury                                  企业按照统一领导、落实责任、分级管理、分类指                             According to the unified leadership, responsibility implementation,
                 Emergency recovery                                                 Other types of accidents                                                                          graded management, classified guidance, and all-employee participation    Staff
                                                                                                                                   导、全员参与的原则,建立四级管理,层级负责的安全                           principles, the Company established a safety management system
                                                                                                                                   管理体系,明确规定职能部门、关键岗位安全生产管理                           featuring four-level management and level-to-level responsibility to   社
                                                                                                                                                                                      clearly define the production safety management responsibility of     会
                                                                                                                                   职责。                                                functional departments and key positions.
                                                                                                                                       企业按照一岗双责,岗岗有责的原则,努力将安全生                            In accordance with the principles of dual responsibility in one    Society
                企业通过开展应急培训、引导督促开展预案演练等,                            By conducting emergency trainings, formulating emergency                                                           position and safety responsibility in every position, the Company has
                                                               plans and making emergency drills, the Company continues to         产责任覆盖企业全体员工、全部岗位、生产管理全过程。                          conveyed production safety responsibility to all employees including
                                                               enhance its emergency disposal and protection capacity. In 2011, the   企业所属企业上下级之间签订安全生产责任书,通过责任                       information on the entire production and management process. In
            演练8,530余次,覆盖人数420,000余人(含劳务分包队                     China Construction organized 8,530 emergency drills for 420,000 staff                                                  order to fully implement its production safety responsibility system,
                                                               (including the labor force of subcontractors), effectively improving   分解、责任履行、责任考核的闭环管理,全面落实安全生                       the Company signed the Production Safety Responsibility Management
                                                               their ability to prevent, and quickly handle accidents, fire disasters and   产责任制。                                     with subsidiary companies covering responsibility decomposition,
            生产突发情况的能力。                                         safety emergency situations.                                                                                           responsibility implementation and responsibility evaluation.

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