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                                                                                                                    可持续经营   About Us

                msyz555手机版树立安全重于泰山意识,秉持安全第一、预防为主、综合治理的安全方针,有效转变监管方式,将安全管理                                                  Sustainable Operation
                Awareness that Safety is extremely important to China Construction as is upholding the principles of safety first, prevention crucial and
            comprehensive treatment. As such, the Company has changed its regulatory approach, promoting safety management from both the qualitative and
            quantitative perspectives. We have implemented new production safety measures, established a “three in one” safety implementation mechanism,
            pressed ahead with standardized production safety, and strengthened our efforts to foster a culture of corporate safety that will ensure safe and
            stable production and operations in the company.                                                         Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain

            Safety Management System

            安全管理体系                                             Safety Management System                              Quality
                                                                   In order to ensure production safety, we have established and
                企业以保证安全生产为目标,建立健全安全管理体                                                                              安
                                                               improved our safety management system. Through intensive training     全
            系,通过强化培训教育、过程督查、总结反馈、持续改进                          and education, the supervision of processes, summary and feedback
                                                               systems and the continuous improvement of other measures we have    Safety
                                                               achieved a closed-loop safety management system and ensured the
                                                               effective operations of our safety system.           环
 安 全                                                                                                                  境
 SAFETY                                                Management system                                             Environment

                                                        ??????                                                        工
                                                      Technical standards system
 055  Safety Management System                                                                                       Staff
 057  安全落实          ??????                  ??????                 ??????                   ??????
 Safety Implementation  Safety investment system  Safety responsibility system  Safety contingency system  Training and education system  社
 061  Safety Culture                                   ??????                                                        Society
                                                   Supervision and inspection system
 063  安全绩效
 Safety Performances
 荣誉及利益相关方评价                                             ??????
 063  Honors and Stakeholders' Comments            Assurance of operational effectiveness

 054  msyz555手机版股份有限企业 ?China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd                             2011可持续发展报告?Sustainability Report 2011 055
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