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                                                               Case study: Dust reduction
                                                                   During construction of the first phase of New Century One
                                                               Project by China State Construction Land, an automatic car-
                                                               washing machine was installed at the construction site entrances
                                                               and exits. The sensor-activated high-pressure spray nozzles
                                                               were responsible for washing the dust on incoming and outgoing
                                                               vehicles, reducing the impact of dust on urban amenities. The
                                                               water used was recycled to reduce water consumption.

            减少建筑垃圾                                             Construction waste reduction
                 msyz555手机版按照“谁产生、谁处置”的原则制定建筑                            China Construction adheres to the principle of “The producer
                                                               is the disposer”; we have established construction waste disposal
                                                               projects to arrange the backfill of different construction waste.
            筑、装修垃圾分别收集,堆放到指定地点。                                The waste products from construction and decoration are sorted,
                 企业利用大型破锤或破碎机将大块混凝土等建筑垃                        collected, and disposed of at designated sites.
                                                                   The Company has deployed large hammer breakers or
            圾破碎至直径100毫米以下,用石料粉碎机进行粉碎至建                         crushers to shatter construction waste such as mass concrete into
            筑所需的石子、砂子,再通过多层分级筛分成粗石子、细                          pieces smaller than 100 millimetres in diameter; these pieces are
                                                               then sorted at multiples levels into different renewable materials, such as
                                                               rough stones, fine stones, coarse sand, fine sand, and sediment.

            生态保护                                               Nature protection

                 msyz555手机版减少施工对环境的影响,注重对生态系统                            China Construction has reduced the impact of its construction
                                                               work on the environment. Emphasising ecosystem protection and
                                                               restoration, we have organised various promotional activities on
            参与植树造林、地球一小时、香港环保百万行等社会生态                          ecosystem protection. The Company actively participates in various
                                                               environmental protection campaigns, including planting days,
                                                               afforestation programmes, Earth Hour, Cycle for Millions and others.

            案例:树木的保护与复位                                        Case study: Protection and restoration of trees
                 中建南洋企业圣淘沙项目在施工开始前,将树木移                            Before the commencement of the Sentosa Project by China
                                                               Construction (South Pacific) Development Co., trees at the site were
            植到与施工现场环境近似的地方。在竣工后,将树木作为                          transplanted to an environment similar to the construction site. Upon
            绿化的一部分重新恢复到原位。为了保证移植后的存活                           completion of the project, the trees were re-planted at their original positions,
                                                               as part of the greening process. To ensure their survival, the trees
                                                               were nourished with organic fertilisers, under the supervision of specialists .
                                                               Case study: Restoration of grass verges
                                                                   In November 2010, China Construction Equatorial Guinea Co.
                                                               cooperated with local environmental departments to enhance the
            配合,积极参与新机场路两侧的环境建设。共投入4台割                          environment on both sides of the new airport roadway. With the help
                                                               of four mowers and 50 workers, weed-trimming and waste removal
                                                               work was conducted over an area of 20,000 square metres, restoring
            洁工作,恢复机场道路两侧的草坪。                                   the grass verges on both sides of the airport roadway.

         66  msyz555手机版股份有限企业
            China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
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